Jeanfrançois Prins Jazz GuitarJeanfrançois Prins

“ A real voice on the guitar with a warmth that’s all his own”
Joe Lovano
“...there can be no doubt that this truly creative and musical young man will continue to be heard from. But don’t wait for his next record - catch him live!”
Dan Morgenstern

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“ Someday My Prince Will Come”
from Steve Davis-Jeanfrançois Prins "LIGHT" (GAM 918)
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Jeanfrançois Prins

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Movie star/vocalist Lisa Werlinder's latest CD featuring Jeanfrançois Prins as a guitarist/composer/arranger is now available in two versions:
In Europe: Ett Minne Blatt
In Japan: U R the 1
Alto sax free jazz legend Ernst Ludwig Pertowski's latest CD "Ornette, etc..." featuring Jeanfrançois Prins, Uschi Brüning and Michael Griener is available on Jazz Werkstatt:
Check it out!
Alto saxophonist Ulli Jünemann's latest CD "Boo Hoo" featuring Jeanfrançois Prins, Jay Anderson and Adam Nussbaum is available on Nabel:
Check it out!
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Jeanfrançois Prins new CD "El GAUCHO" available for you
On Challenge Records
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