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Some of my favorite people #3
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with Steve Davis at the A TRANE (Berlin) photo©Jeanpierre Prins Mike Richmond photo©X
Andreas Schmidt photo©Walter Hibert aka Wally Theo Bleckmann photo©Jeanfrançois Prins Marek Balata photo©X
With my wife Judy Niemack live at the Music Village (Brussels) photo©Jos Knaepen Felix Simtaine photo©Jeanpierre Prins
Dan Haerle & Bob Bowman photo©Judy Niemack
Jay Clayton and Floyd Standifer photo©Walter Hibert aka Wally
John Ruocco & Bruno Castellucci photo©Judy Niemack Richard Rousselet photo©Jeanpierre Prins
Katalina Segura photo©X With my friend Dagmar Wieth-Westphal aka Dagi on top of the Empire State Building photo©Judy Niemack Lisa Werlinder photo©X
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